Five Dragons Fishing

The 5 Dragons Fishing game, a product of JDB, is an exquisite online fishing game that draws inspiration from the Eastern Spirit Beasts of divine fortune, who are believed to have roamed the waters of the Four Seas. A multiplayer game at its core, 5 Dragons Fishing allows players to join forces online and cast their fishing nets together in search of the grandest catches. In terms of visual elements, players can anticipate a kaleidoscopic array of animated fish and other fascinating creatures, each painted in a palette of vivid and striking hues that pop on the screen. Meanwhile, in the background, players can glimpse the mystical depths of the ocean floor, a mesmerizing and immersive view that serves to transport them to another world entirely.

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Five Dragons Fishing Features

What are the five dragons fishing features?

The Treasure War of the Five Dragons is an event that offers an astounding 1,800-time maximum reward for those who dare to participate. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, the Five Dragons Patrolling the Seas event offers a sizable range of rewards, varying from 50 to 500. The Shark Mouth Cannon is an indispensable tool in this adventure, with an impressive allowance of 30 rounds. Furthermore, players can enjoy the thrill of firing 30 rounds of Depth Charge Bullets, adding an element of excitement to the gameplay. The multiplayer mode offers a choice between three halls, each with its unique charm and allure – the Happy Hall, Regal Hall, and Five Dragons Hall. With such an abundance of opportunities, the Treasure War of the Five Dragons promises to be a captivating experience for all adventurers who dare to embark on this journey.

How to Play Five Dragons Fishing

Tips on how to play Five Dragons Fishing?

To initiate gameplay for the 5 Dragons Fishing game, one must first deliberate between selecting the Aim button or the Auto button. These options enable the commencement of shooting the plethora of animals present on the main screen, the sole disparity being that the action can be executed manually or automatically. It is pertinent to note that players are granted the opportunity to modify their bet size, which can range from a meager 1 to an exorbitant 1000. In addition, the main screen presents the choice of Auto-aim or manual Aim, a decision that can significantly affect the gameplay experience. The left side of the screen is adorned with the gear button, a function that imparts control over sound effects while simultaneously granting access to the paytable of the game – an indispensable feature for any passionate gamer.

Game Rewards and Bonus

What are the game rewards and bonus?

During gameplay, the activation of the dragon bonus game is dependent on the successful capture of the dragon portal by the player, which occurs subsequent to entering the bonus game. Upon locating the aforementioned portal, the player must execute a click on the amber, situated within the on-screen interface, which will result in the award of a multiplier. The multiplier amount awarded is capable of attaining values as high as 36x, with players having the potential to obtain a range of colored holy pearls, including the Red Holy Pearl, Green Holy Pearl, Blue Holy Pearl, Purple Holy Pearl, and White Holy Pearl. In the event that the player successfully collects 2 Divine Pearls at any given Dragon Throne, the bonus game will reach its conclusion. Moreover, the appearance of multiple dragon thrones creates opportunities for the player to accrue a higher score. Notably, the attainment of 4 multipliers from the holy pearls and the successful acquisition of 5 dragon thrones by the player, simultaneously, will result in the possibility of winning a bet of up to 1800x. Additionally, it is pertinent to acknowledge that the multiplayers affiliated with the 5 dragon thrones vary distinctly.

Shark Mouth Cannon

In the event that it is apprehended during the game, a bountiful reward of 5 times the bullet’s bet level shall be bestowed upon thee, accompanied by the immediate acquisition of 30 additional free bullets. Furthermore, the probability of the capture rate surging increases when the Shark Mouth Cannon is utilized to strike a fish with a multiplier exceeding 10. In the event that a fish with a multiplier of 10 or less (inclusive of 10) is apprehended, a fortuitous opportunity shall arise whereby thou may obtain a multiplier ranging from 2 to 5 times in a stochastic fashion.


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

5 Dragons Fishing is a popular fishing arcade game that allows players to catch fish in a virtual underwater environment using a fishing rod and reel. The game is designed to be entertaining and can be played by people of all ages.

To play 5 Dragons Fishing, players need to insert coins into the machine and then use the fishing rod and reel to catch fish that swim across the screen. The game has a variety of fish species, each with different point values, and players must aim to catch as many fish as possible within a set time limit.

Yes, 5 Dragons Fishing is considered a skill-based game because players need to have good hand-eye coordination and reflexes to catch the fish quickly and accurately. However, luck can also play a role in the game as some fish are harder to catch than others.

No, 5 Dragons Fishing is an arcade game and does not offer real money prizes. Players can win tickets or other prizes based on the number of points they accumulate during gameplay.

5 Dragons Fishing machines can be found in many amusement arcades, gaming centers, and family entertainment venues around the world. You can also find online versions of the game that can be played on desktop or mobile devices.

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